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Beaded Headband

Check out our new beaded headbands! These make great gifts for girls and women who want to add a little spring to their hairstyle. They are perfect gifts for mailing. Every purchase has a purpose and benefits an artisan in Haiti through The Haitian Bead Project!

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Beaded Keychain


This unique and practical wear-on-your-wrist keychain combines hand-crafted beads made with coordinating glass seed beads. The up cycled paper beads vary in size, measuring anywhere from ½ to 1-inch. This keychain is attached to a bracelet made on a stretchy cord so it can slip easily on any size wrist. These are perfect for a teacher, friend, or colleague. Give the gift of dignity to an artisan in Haiti. Our colors are unique to each item and most often have multiple colors included.
We categorize according to dominating color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black, Neutral, Classic (Multi-color)

Coconut Buttons


These beautiful buttons are hand carved from coconut shells. Light and dark colors are available. These fun items are the perfect finishing touch to any crafty item or accessory including purses, scarves and headbands.



Teachers and healthcare workers can perk up their badge at work. Or, do you need to keep track of an often-used key? Our lanyards are both beautiful and practical. Each lanyard is made with handcrafted paper beads and coordinating glass or seed beads. They are on a comfortable stretch cord. The up cycled beads vary in size, measuring anywhere from ½ to 1-inch. Remember, when you purchase lanyards, you are also giving the gift of dignity to an artisan in Haiti.