Host a Bead Party

Host a Bead Party

Order a party box and host your own Open House, feature jewelry at your boutique or church event, or use the jewelry as a fundraiser.

Hosting a bead party is a great way to get involved in the Bead Project! You can help support our artists and do it in a fun and creative way. As a thank you to all those hosting, we would like to offer you 20% off your own purchases.

Our party boxes contain a tally sheet for sales and a letter containing some further instructions for you to help your party go smoothly. We put different colors and types of jewelry in the box so you receive a variety. On average we put in 20 of each of the following: long necklaces, short necklaces, classic bracelets, and earrings. We can also include at your request key chains, lanyards, friendship bracelets, beaded scarves and headbands, or some of our home products like napkin rings or fan pulls. This may change based on our availability of a product. You can request the amounts and colors of each item that you want for your party, customizing it to your preferences.


*Please note that no two items are exactly the same, and the jewelry contains more than one color due to the unique cardboard beads.


-Decide on your venue and setting for the party. e.g. at home, church, an office, even a table at lunch.

-Order the jewelry (Remember to leave time for shipping)

-Decide what kind of a party you want. Do you want to serve food? Do you want to keep it casual?

-Create an invitation to help get people excited about your party. You want them to know you thought of them specifically for this event. -Then invite people!

-Come up with a fun way to put your jewelry on display. The jewelry is very vibrant so the set-up can be simple. Allow the jewelry to speak for itself. (This is an easy way to be creative, so feel free to make it your own!) Check out our Facebook page at The Haitian Bead Project for photos of how others have displayed the jewelry at parties or open houses.



-Set up your display. Create the atmosphere with music, candles or keep it simple for quick shopping.

-Make sure to mark the tally sheet as you sell items so the profits get back to each artist.

– Have fun!


-Box up leftover jewelry to ship back, and send it with the inventory sheet back to us in Fresno, California.

-Cash and Cashiers checks are accepted. If you would like to accept personal checks and then charge the full amount to your credit card or send your own check that is also acceptable.

– Try sending invitations through an e- invitation site.

-Encourage people to try on jewelry and have a mirror close by for them.

– Long and short necklaces can sometimes be difficult to tell apart. A long necklace can wrap twice around your neck.

-Take pictures of your display and send them to us or post them on Facebook so we can share your creativity with others.


If you would like to learn more about our fundraising opportunities, feel free to contact us! or