Moise’s life is one that is transformed as a result of The Haitian Bead Project. When she first joined the project she wore tattered clothes, often begging for food and money. She was so unsure of herself. Fast forward to today. Moise is a different woman. God is redeeming her life.

This woman was once pressed to the outside of the group. The other women would pick fights with her or ignore her. Today she stands with dignity as one of the leaders of our cooperative. After attending a training in Port Au Prince to learn how to roll recycled cardboard beads and make jewelry, she returned to the mountains and began to teach others. Today she is designing new products and helps with quality control. She commands a kind of respect because people see her talent. They know she can help.

Soon after Moise joined the Haitian Bead Project she joined a microfinance and savings group at the Evangelical Church of Pignon. She started to invest and save her money through this group. She recently was able to save enough money to start building a little house for her family. She is putting the money raised through her jewelry to good use. She and her husband once rented a few rooms. They lived on the third story with an open balcony that was very unsafe for her two young children. She speaks with excitement as she describes her new little house with the roof going up.

Moise is one of the best teachers in our Pignon group of artisans. She helps women in making wrap bracelets, earrings and a new custom chunky bead necklace. She has a new sense of confidence and creativity as she leads others.