LinouseLinouse was one of the first women to arrive when we started The Haitian Bead Project in the small mountain town of Savanette. Linouse found a seat in front. She was eager to learn. After only a few lessons of how to roll the cardboard strips onto a skewer to form the beads, Linouse’s fingers were flying.

Today, she is the queen of the classic necklace or short necklace, delivering more than 100 for quality inspection this past November. She has an eye for color and precision.

In October 2012, she was named the new Group Leader of the Savanette group of artisans. Since she lives next to the Evangelical Church of Savanette where the artisans meet, she’s always there unlocking the gate and preparing the room for the others who will come. She leads by example, making quality beads, showing up consistently, and praying for the group to start meetings.

In her free time Linouse is singing in the church choir or playing with the kids in the neighborhood.

Her fellow artisans make her giggle when they reveal she is engaged to be married. Linouse is saving her money for the wedding.

However, Linouse’s dream is not to spend her earnings on herself, but on others. In a recent interview, she shared that she plans to save some of the money she makes through The Haitian Bead Project to share with people in her church who are in need. She wants the creative gifts she’s been given to bless other Haitians too.

Linouse is the new Group Leader of the Savanette group of artisans. She helps with quality control of products and always encourages the other artisans in her group.